Name: Joel Gerhardt

Favorite biking genre/style: Currently loving the Gravel and seeing the countryside.

Favorite ride/greatest accomplishment: 2015 Dirty Kanza Half-Pint….truly a DIRTY ride this year and I was very happy with my completion time and overall happiness on the ride.

Years riding: 12 years seriously, but I’ve enjoyed riding bikes since I was a wee little boy!!!

Favorite bike: 2014 Specialized Crux Carbon…slightly upgraded…..every single part.

Favorite post ride activity: beer/bourbon, hanging with the ride participants, or grabbing a bite to eat….as long as there are stories tell/listen to and laughs to be had, any post-ride activity will do!

Why do you ride: I always joke that riding is my “therapy” and way to clear my head.  I truly believe that the physical health and benefits from riding are kind of a secondary benefit to riding.  Primarily I ride to get away from the world and spend quality time alone or with others to connect, relax, and enjoy life.  The friendships and relationships I have developed through riding have proven to be the strongest in my life!



Name: Scott Schleisman

Favorite biking genre/style: Anything that pedals and has two wheels

Favorite ride/greatest accomplishment: Favorite Ride – Dirty Kanza

Years riding: Since I was 5, you do the math

Favorite bike: Yellow LeMond Buenos Aries – not because it was the best but rather it was the bike that got me into cycling as an adult.

Favorite post ride activity: Drinking chocolate milk and remembering how lucky I am to be able to ride my  bike

Why do you ride: Life is better on two wheels


Name: Greg Goat

Favorite biking genre/style: Mountain Bike and Gravel, really just riding any of my bikes.

Favorite ride/greatest accomplishment: 2016 Berryman 18hr adventure race pushed the limits, it was the longest race I have done. Exploring new trails in different states makes great memories. Best rides are always with my daughters.

Years riding: Since I was a little kid. I think I’ve been riding in the woods around 30 years…yeah that long!

Favorite bike: Specialized Stumpy 6Fattie…I may be the poster child for this wheel size.

Favorite post ride activity: Beers, Wings, Friends, and big grins. No particular order.

Why do you ride: It doesn’t matter how bad of a day I’ve had as soon as I get on a bike it all goes away. Riding focusing the mind, and works the cognitive skills.


Name: Jeremy Gorham

Favorite biking genre/style: MTB is my favorite but I ride alot of different styles.

Favorite ride/greatest accomplishment: really enjoy taking my Specialized Pfix to the skatepark.

Years riding: 27

Favorite bike: Currently it is my AllCity Nature Boy SSCX.

Favorite post ride activity: A cold beer and eating something with bacon on it.

Why do you ride: Riding clears my head, I’m able to go out and not worry about anything and just enjoy being on my bike.


Name: Shawna Macan

Favorite biking genre/style: Mountain/Road/Gravel/Cyclocross

Favorite ride/greatest accomplishment: RAGBRAI, Dirty Kanza Half Pint – finished twice, Cyclocross racing, Any Mountain Bike ride!

Years riding: 10 years

Favorite bike: Specialized Rumor full suspension, Ruze 6Fattie, AWOL, CruX

Favorite post ride activity: Eating 

Why do you ride: I ride because it makes me feel like a kid again. I love the wind in my face and going fast downhill. I love the thrill of crossing the finish line of a race or a huge accomplishment of a long hard ride. I love the camaraderie and community that comes along with cycling. I enjoy slowing life down and riding to the coffee shop, grocery store, or farmers market. I ride because it keeps my mind and body healthy!



Name: Ryan Turner

Favorite biking genre/style: Mountain Bike

Favorite ride/greatest accomplishment: finishing the DK Lite or a half Aquabike, any ride on single track

Years riding: 21

Favorite bike: SpecializedEpic

Favorite post ride activity: Drinking an ice cold beer with my fellow riders

Why do you ride: I love the challenge, the mental tests that occur on almost every ride, being in the woods, & the freedom of riding.


Name: Michael Gier

Favorite biking genre/style: Mountain biking, but been doing a lot more road lately, especially commuting.

Favorite ride/greatest accomplishment: The Monarch Crest Mountain Bike Trail near Salida, CO. Absolutely epic.

Years riding: 22 years

Favorite bike: 2007 Epic

Favorite post ride activity: Planning more rides

Why do you ride: Freedom, adventure, exercise