Greg Goat

    Favorite biking genre/style: Mountain Bike and Gravel, really just riding any of my bikes.

    Favorite ride/greatest accomplishment: 2016 Berryman 18hr adventure race pushed the limits, it was the longest race I have done. Exploring new trails in different states makes great memories. Best rides are always with my daughters.

    Years riding: Since I was a little kid. I think I’ve been riding in the woods around 30 years…yeah that long!

    Favorite bike: Specialized Stumpy 6Fattie…I may be the poster child for this wheel size.

    Favorite post ride activity: Beers, Wings, Friends, and big grins. No particular order.

    Why do you ride: It doesn’t matter how bad of a day I’ve had as soon as I get on a bike it all goes away. Riding focusing the mind, and works the cognitive skills.

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